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obviously this is an unbelievable tragedy. two people are dead and another person is seriously hurt after a suspect's car crashes in san francisco. good afternoon i'm david stevenson. a section of san francisco south avenue is shutdown this morning after a collision that says -- sent one vehicle crashing into a neighborhood grocery store. brian flores is there with what police are saying about the
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cause of this deadly collision. >> good afternoon. well, you heard the police chief himself say how an unbelievable tragedy this is. as you can see behind me still active and dynamic scene. you're looking at the black sedan there. that's the suspect's vehicle. what happened he left the traffic stop, sped away crashed into a couple that was driving another car and now two people are now dead. according to police they were initially called because of a report of gunshots towards the republican housing complex around 7:45. that's not too far from here. they got an initial description of the suspect's car. police then pulled over the suspect near 21st and when officers approached the car the suspect took off at high rate of speed and then just a couple of blocks and seconds later the alleged suspect tee boned. >> killed the scene as well as an innocent pedestrian that was entering the store as well.
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meanwhile the driver of that car had life threatening injuries and the suspect. >> other than he is now responsible for the deaths of at least two people the third and life threatening condition. >> you see they did recover the suspect gun which was located near him in the car. they did not identify him but they did confirm he was a known suspect. one witness who lives above the liquor store tells us his building shook when the white car hit the store. others say they are shocked that this happened. >> the person he's telling me was, you know, the gentleman -- and the white car, he put them through the wall and he flies
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and then when he fell, he was dead. >> and back out here live you can see still very a very active investigation at this hour, police say they will now examine surveillance video from the store as well from any other witnesses as well. they'll spend a got part of the afternoon figuring out what happened on a side note i do want to mention that south have mess between here and 21st 21st will have more information of course on as well as ktvu five. from now from san francisco. brian flores ktvuhannel news. >> three people including a 12- year-old boy are recovering after two separate shootings last night during the new year's celebration along san francisco's waterfront. what happened at around 11:30 near peer 23. the boy was shot in its foot and man grazed in his hip by a bullet. earlier and less than a mile away another victim was shot in hand. none of the injuries are life
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threatening, officers say the suspect in both cases got away. a deadly shooting forced authorities to cancel fireworks show there. two people were killed at a sports bar shortly after 9:30 last night. authorities say it started with an argument that turned physical when an employee went to break up the fight, police say the 22-year-old suspect produced a gun and started firing. the employee and another man were killed in the gunfire. a witness described the scene. >> everybody just scattered. everybody just ran towards the big christmas tree towards the water. everybody was running that way and we went into one of the stores. >> and armed security guard at the scene confronted the shooter and the two exchanged gunfire, both were shot in the exchange, a woman was also shot. all three are expected to survive. police are also investigating a fatal new year's eve shooting, police say a 51-year-old man was found lying on gill moore street downtown around 9:30 last night. he had been shot several times and died on the way to the
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hospital. police are searching for the driver of dark calorred sedan seen speeding from the scene. police have ended a stand off this morn being a naked man who was building a spam rye sword. and the other weapon they say he was carrying. genine. >> david, we're here on southwest expressway near -- near the light rail station on the avenue. this entire surrounding area had been close to traffic for the past three-and-a-half hours because that maked man was waiting a samurai sword in the air. about an hour ago police were able to get him into custody. this is video of the sword the man had in his hand this morning as well as an assault rifle that he also had in his possession. police had the 28-year-old man surrounded. officers say at 8:00 this morning they received a call from a home on cath drive and easy street that a man was standing out front with an assault rifle and left in a white pickup truck. police say they spotted the
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truck and stopped it. the man exited naked and told to leave you're going to have to kill me several times. police say they believe the man was either on drugs or was mentally ill. >> we called the crisis intervention team, officers who basically handled situations involving mental illness. they came out, tried to talk to the subject and to basically given up the sword. again, that came -- that didn't work. >> after numerous attempts to subdue the man and hand over his weapons police use a less lethal tool they have on them to get them to surrender. he is now at the hospital and has been identified as cocoa charles bennett, not sure if he is a resident of san jose. he will be booked into jail for brandishing a weapon. now some residents out here told us that they believe that he lived at a nearby apartment complex because they told us that police entered one of the apartments here and started calling for a man named charlie
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and the residents who live around here say at man fit the description and he's also mentally ill but again this is an ongoing investigation. we will have another reporter on this later on the news at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, genine. sounds like mayor truck reed made his traditional to thank police this morning not everyone was happy to see him. all cams some police officers told us they were insulted that reed showed up because of the way they say he's treated the department. reed has been unpopular with officers ever since he championed a pension reform measure. the police union is suing the city over it that's triggered a mass exodus including he leaves in three weeks. >> the search is well underway. we've got a very strong pull, we'll be interviewing people early in the month of january, also we'll have a name pretty soon of the next chief.
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>> firefighters also macon sessions to their paying benefits some firefighters told us the mayor lost their support because of cuts in agent staffing. house republicans are in the spotlight at this hour as they decide their next move regarding fiscal cliff negotiations. tara joins us live from the news room to tell us how they're meeting behind closed doors. >> this is new year's data na that climaxed when the senate endorsed compromise legislation by 89 to 8. >> as amended his past. >> that came hours after president joe biden and senator republican leader of kentucky sealed the deal. it negates the fiscal cliff of across the board tax increases and sweeping government other agencies but many house republicans said that they were opposed to the bill because they didn't cut federal spending and they were hoping gop leaders will give the house a chance to amend the bill and send it back to the senate. democrats are saying enough is enough. >> we could allow us to go over
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or we can try to come together and pass something that something probably on both sides of the aisle no one agrees with 100% of. >> what we're going to do in the present plan is put nearly another trillion dollars worth of debt on the american people. time is running out to change the direction because that trillion dollars isn't just a problem for the next generation, it's a problem for corporate america, it's a problem for every american. >> the deal approved by the senate continues tax breaks for those earning less than $400,000 and for couples earning less for 450,000. it raises taxes on wealthiest americans. house republicans are supposed to meet twice today about the bill no decision expected before that second decision to be held later in the day. we'll keep you posted live from the news room ktvu channel 2 news. >> some san francisco workers can expect slightly bigger paychecks starting today that's because the minimum wage just
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went up. it is now $10 and 55 cents of san francisco. 31 cents higher than last year. san francisco now has the nation's highest minimal wage. santa fe new mexico is no. 2 and 229. the state minimum wage in california is $8 an hour. 4 years after the fatal shooting of oscar brant friend and family have gathered outside this station for a vigil. coming up we'll tell you about the gold graham's family has laid out for the new year. >> and is up in a few minutes to talk about the bay area's cool temperature. he'll tell you whether you need to keep the coat and scarf handy. the all night search for a hiker who was lost out in the cold what authorities are now saying about his condition.
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next month pg&e will raise gas rates to help pay for pipeline safety upgrades. these were mandated by state regulators following the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion. well today marks the fourth anniversary of the shooting
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death of oscar by a bart police officer. happening now ktvu's ally joins us with how his death is being remembered at the site of the shooting. ally. >> well, this special runs from noon until 3:00 this afternoon. right now you can see there are about 70 to 80 people who have gathered here on the west side of the bart station. they're meeting here because directly above us it's a platform where oscar was fatally shot 4 years ago. the early morning hours of january 1st, 2009 and some of his friend were on his way back to celebrating the new year but bart police responded to what they thought was a call. and then cell phone video captured the tense moments that followed. some of the video shows former bart police officer fatally shooting the unarmed young man in the back while he was laying face down on the platform. eventually convicted by a jury
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involuntary manslaughter. he was sentenced to 2 years in jail minus time served he was released from los angeles county jail after 11 months. in july 2010 u.s. department of justice opened a civil rights investigation into the matter. as far as they know that investigation is still on going and grant's uncle said it's the family that federal charges may stem from that investigation. >> we are not satisfied. we're not done with this case and it's our hope that true accountability comes to not just mentally but other officers on the platform. >> and that was oscar grant's uncle that you just heard from. now back out here live this vigil supposed to laugh about three hours. music will be played throughout. the young daughter will be reading a proohm dedicated to her father. i wonder if i have a sign. grant's family says they are working with bart to get this station renamed to fruit ramp
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station and they will also like to eventually have some sort of monument placed here as well. so that and along with waiting for the out come of that federal investigation family says those are their two goals that they have laid out for themselves this year. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, ally. bright and early this morning the clean up began after the big new year's eve celebration in san francisco. the crowds are gone and surrounding streets but not the trash. thousands of people turned out for the fireworks show and left a few things behind. city public works crews were out in force at 4:30 this morning to clean up the mess armed with brooms and street sweepers. and thousands of people packed the san francisco waterfront last night to bring in the new year. police estimate about 250,000 people came out for the fireworkers show on peer 14. ten people were arrested, eight for republican junk enness.
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some say -- drunk enness. some people paid $100 to be at a party to be at a party. officials at the arcade ya restaurant at the marriott hotel said new year's eve is one of their busiest nights of the year. and we posted a slide show of new years celebration from around the world, just go to our web site and click on the images tab. a middle valley man is recovering today after becoming lost over night. authorities say dennis cline park near the top of the mountain at around 5:00 p.m. yesterday with plans to hike down the beach. few hours later he called 911 saying he was near a creek injured and disoriented. responders lost contact with him sometimes last night and sit more than 65 searchers out. they located him early this morning. >> we're told it's fair condition. he's been out in the elements since i don't know exactly what time yesterday afternoon. we had temperatures reported up
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being in the upper 30s, some places maybe even freezing, so very fortunate that i'm told he's in good and fair condition. >> chp helicopter was sent to rescue him. but the heavy terrain hampered the plans and took rescuers about four hours to carry him down the mountain on foot. celebrated the new year by tying the knot. this is video of the first couples to get married just after midnight, same sex couples in the state have been able to get marriage licenses since december 6 but they didn't take effect until this morning. nine states and the district of columbia now approve same sex marriages. a new california supreme court ruling says if you get hurt on an amusement park ride, don't expect the park to pay for it. the high court rule people take a risk when they choose to go on the ride that could be pretty rough and they shouldn't blame the park if they get a minor injury. the decision follows the san jose woman's lawsuit against great america. she's sued after breaking her
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wrist while riding the bumper cars. pinnacle's national monument could soon be turned into a national park. it features tower like rock formation. it's located east of highway 101 near sol dad. a bill that would turn the monument into the 59th 59th national park ask the senate and now awaiting the president's signature. senator barbara boxer and diane sponsored the bill. national monuments receive less funding and afford fewer protection to wild life and national park. well, the pinnacles can be a hot place in the summertime. it's a cold place now even though we had mostly sunny skies and had a few little showers and most probably lifted a couple of sprinkles reports from san francisco to half moon bay over night down to santa cruise. but skies are clear now and it will be cold tonight, feel that north wind kicking in already but at least we have good
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visibility, skies are clear. 50s on the temps or 40s. some location held up this morning due to the cloud cover or breeze they will drop very very fast tonight. this system that came right down now southern california just a little guy seems spinning right l that's attribute to some of the clouds this morning now on the way down to southern california where things are picking up a little bit. another good looking system but guess what judging the split this system will do the exact same thing. i believe it was five in tahoe this morning. 39 -- 48 in sacramento some of that cold air coming in already a breeze watch is out for the north bay tonight and frost advisory is out everywhere else. the before mention low that i talked about picking up little activity could be splash abdomen dash this is a weak system and very active pattern. southern california more so than up here over about the last several days. we get little systems coming by. they don't have much moisture they're packing a lot of cold air. mostly sunny, but it's a cool breezy day with that north wind
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in place, so temperatures upper 40s are very very low 50s and not sure right by the bay. i think 53, 54 will be set for two or three minutes and temps will start to go back down. low 50s, closer to the water you'll see a little bit warmer temps but not a lot. same can be said, with that 51 palo alto. but because of this cold air in place tonight freeze warning and frost advisory tomorrow david so it's going to be a cold one tomorrow morning and wind protected areas. sunny, clouds thursday, kind of mostly sunny i think they were clouded up on the weekend. there's one forecast model. the other one says cloudy. my feeling is i think it will be more show than g but kind of a different pattern change lately. >> enjoy the sun today it's going to get pretty chilly tonight. >> we'll have 20s for some locations tomorrow morning. >> you bet. >> there are just two more days to visit the exploratory crumb at its current location in santran cisco's marina
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district. expected to close its doors to ports move to the palace of fine heart from the palace of fine heart, egg cause me, to the embark. is scheduled to reopen april 18 april 18th at new location on peer 15th. admission will be free tomorrow until 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 2012 was the record breaking year at the the box office, movie ticket sales hit an all time high of $10.8 billion in 2013 could be even better. a number of high profile sea calls are set to hit theaters including store, star trek and the hunger games. when we get back some highlights from this morning growth rate in pasadena.
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a little bit of bad news for california resident, the state's sales tax goes up today. it will increase one quarter percent that's up to 7.5% that's thanks to the voter approved proposition 30. that translates to about an $86 difference on a big ticket item like a new car. the increase will last 4 years. it does not apply to gasoline. thousands of spectators brave the cold this morning for a california new year's day tradition in pasadena. all the places you will go. there were more than 20 marching bands, of course,
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dozens of floats and a few surprises as well. a father returning from military service was riding on one of the floats when organizers brought his son in for surprise reunion. a couple from virginia got married on the float during the parade. the it starts in about 90 minutes. this is stanford first rose bowl appearance since 2010 when the cardinals faced wisconsin and lost. the rose bowl game starts at about 2:00 p.m. pacific time. san francisco tree recycling program kicks off tomorrow. residents are being asked to remove all decorations lights, silver, everything else before putting their trees outside. the trees should be placed next to your trash bin on your regular trash pick up day. the tree recycling program rubs -- runs through january 11 january 11th. all eyes are on congress tonight on ktvu at 5:00 we're watching developments in washington where the senate has passed a fiscal cliff deal and now it's just up to the house
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of representatives to give it their own seal of approval. we'll have a live update on the situation and u.s. capitol coming up at ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. we're always here for you on and mobile have a good afternoon.
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